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Muhammet Bas

Muhammet Bas

Associate Professor of Government
International Relations

Muhammet A. Bas (PhD, University of Rochester, 2007), is an Associate Professor of Government and a Faculty Associate of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. His research is broadly motivated by an interest in factors affecting the likelihood of  international conflict. He identifies a number of particularly important factors that have been understudied in the existing literature, or require re-thinking. These factors are (1) various sources of uncertainty in crisis interactions; (2) emergence and spread of new military technologies, and in particular, nuclear weapons; and (3) changes in the natural environment such as climate change, or natural disasters. In order to address these substantive questions appropriately, Bas develops a number of new statistical methods on strategic interaction, some of which can be fruitfully utilized in other areas of international relations and political science.


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