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Andrei Roman

Andrei Roman

Graduate Student
Regime change, party systems, and electoral politics in Latin America and Eastern Europe

Andrei Roman is a Ph.D. candidate in Government at Harvard University. His research interests are related to Latin American and Eastern European politics, in particular the study of regime transitions, party systems, electoral politics, and social policy. He is a native of Romania and completed his secondary education at St. Sava National College in Bucharest. He graduated with a B.A. in Economics and International Development from Colby College and was a visiting student at the University of Oxford. Andrei has conducted field research on economic development in China, Brazil, and India. In Brazil, he performed a case study of the community driven development framework (CDD) of the World Bank’s latest generation of rural poverty alleviation programs. He worked on development policy at the UNDP IPC-IG and on experimental finance at IQSS and IFMR. His work experience also includes sovereign risk analysis for Goldman Sachs. In 2010, he conducted political startegy research for the Brazilian presidential elections in collaboration with APPM. At the moment, his research agenda is focused on social and ideological cleavage formation in Latin America and Europe.

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