Evan Schnidman

Evan Schnidman

PhD Candidate

Political Economy

  • Evan is a PhD candidate in the Harvard Government Department. He received his BA in Political Science and MA in Political Economy and Public Policy from Washington University in St. Louis in 2008. He is interested in a variety of political economy issues and his research ranges from spatial models of U.S. electoral politics to a dissertation examining the history and financial market impact of decision-making at central banks, particularly the Federal Reserve.
  • Evan successfully defended his dissertation on August 6, 2013. His dissertation examines how the Federal Reserve makes decisions with a particular emphasis on how the institutional structure has driven certain policy choices over time. Using this historical background, Evan also examines changes to staffing and internal procedures to better understand how management and personnel drive policy. Evan then utilizes this institutional knowledge to examine central bank rhetoric (so called "Fed speak") to see how different types of rhetoric create differential responses from equity markets. This examination of markets has yielded a great deal of investor insight as well as information about what types of signals from a bureaucratic institution are perceived as credible by market actors and the public at large.
  • Aside from his economics and finance oriented work, Evan's other research has examined increased political polarization and the limitations of median voter theorem. This work has extensively utilized multidimensional spatial modeling and other formal analysis to provide a theoretical explanation and historical context to changes in modern politics. Evan has also used similar models to examine financial regulatory reform, international trade flows and currency wars.
  • Outside of his professional pursuits, Evan enjoys kayaking, hiking and jogging with his wife and their dogs.


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