Anna Trowbridge

Anna Trowbridge

Undergraduate Student

My name is Anna Trowbridge, and I am a rising Senior in Lowell house.  In addition to my concentration in Government, I am also planning on obtaining a citation in Arabic.  I came into Harvard planning to be a Gov't contrator, but spent the first year and a half changing my mind; there was very little that I didn't think about concentrating in, but I was mainly considering medical anthropology (a special concentration) or Near Eastern languages and civilizations (NELC).  By my sophomore spring, I had settled on Gov't again--and I've happily stayed put in the Gov't department since then!

As my citation in Arabic would suggest, I have a particular interest in the Middle East.  Although I have not taken any classes at Harvard specifically about Middle Eastern politics, I traveled to Jordan last summer to study Arabic with funding from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies.  I have also traveled with the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies to Mexico, working in an internship about responsible tourism.  This summer, I will be traveling to Chile to do thesis research, as a fellow with the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.  I plan to write about political integration of the Arab diaspora in Chile, with a particular focus on the Palestinian diaspora.

In addition, I have a growing interest in development.  This past January term I worked with a student start-up NGO called Investours, which works with microfinance companies in Tanzania and Mexico.  My interest in development drew me into taking Ec10 this year, which has been an interesting counterpoint to some of the gov't classes I've taken!

Outside of academics, I am heavily involved with the dance community.  Though I studied ballet and belly-dancing all through high school, after coming to Harvard I made the transition to hip hop and breakdancing.  I danced with Expressions Dance Company my freshmen and sophomore years, and have danced for all three years with the Harvard Breakers.  In addition, I'm part of the International Relations Council, serving on the secretariat of World Model United Nations.

Please don't hesitate to ask me about gov, dance, Arabic, thesising, or anything else.  I am more than happy to answer any questions!


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United States


Arabic A, B, and 131

Ec 10 (Mankiw)

Gov 20: Intro to Comparative Politics (Levitsky)

Gov 97: Sophomore Tutorial

Gov 98al: Global Distributive Justice (Katie Gallagher)

Gov98gs: Civil Society in Asia (Pharr)

Gov 1100: Political Economy of Development

Gov 1730: War and Politics (Rosen)


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