Graduate Program

Placement Candidates

This page is designed to provide instantaneous and continuously updated information about our Ph.D. candidates (and some recent Ph.D.s) now on the academic market. For each student, you will find a descriptive paragraph, a curriculum vitae, and a variety of other information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our job candidates; members of our faculty; Thom Wall, the placement coordinator on our staff; or this year's placement director, Professor Peter Hall.

Brett Carter Comparative Politics
Joshua Cherniss Political Theory
Amanda Garrett Comparative Politics
Hollie Gilman American Politics
Jill Goldenziel Law and Public Policy
Alisha Holland Comparative Politics
Jennifer Howk Comparative Politics/Environmental Politics
Kyle Jaros Comparative Politics
Matthew Landauer Political Theory
Elena Llaudet American Politics/Methods
Yascha Mounk Political Theory
Maxwell Palmer American Politics/Formal Theory
Ruxandra Paul Comparative Politics
Sabeel Rahman Political Theory
Viridiana Rios Comparative Politics/Public Policy
Shahrzad Sabet International Relations/Political Economy
Emma Saunders-Hastings Political Theory
Evan Schnidman American Politics/Political Economy
Claire Schwartz International Relations
Shauna Shames American Politics
BK Song American Politics
Kris-Stella Trump American Politics/Political Psychology
Jane Vaynman International Relations
Hye Young You Political Economy
Bernardo Zacka Political Theory
Yuri Zhukov International Relations



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