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Methods Workshops for Potential Thesis Writers

Juniors, are you thinking of writing a thesis? We encourage you to attend at least one of the upcoming Government thesis methods workshops listed below and/or the workshops sponsored by Social Studies. Government concentrators are welcome to attend as many of these workshops as they find useful.
Working Abroad Workshop
Instructor: Ashley Anderson
Monday, April 6th, 7-9pm, CGIS Knafel K262
Wondering what fieldwork will be like? Anxious or excited to conduct research in a foreign country, and possibly in a foreign language? Come find out what methods are employed in conducting fieldwork and get practical advice from a Ph.D. candidate who has spent a great deal of time abroad. 
Quantitative Methods Workshop,
Instructor: Tess Wise (offered jointly with Social Studies)
Friday, April 10th, 3-5pm, CGIS Knafel K050
Quantitative theses may employ an enormous number of methods and approaches. Come learn what some of the most common are, how they can be useful in your thesis research, and what you need to think about ahead of time to write a good "quant" thesis. 
Research Design Workshop
Instructor: Ruxandra Paul
Thursday, April 23rd, 5-7 pm, CGIS S250
"What is your puzzle?" is invariably a question you will hear as you set out to write your thesis. Find out how to select compelling social science  "puzzles" and how to design and execute an appropriate research plan to answer the question(s) you are interested in.