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Events and Opportunities 5.7.2015





Apply by mid-May2015 for Summer/Fall to Professor Theda Skocpol

via Abby Peck at peck@wjh.harvard.edu


Using multiple methods and sources of data, this project examines the shifting balance of resources, organization, and strategic capacities for left and right forces in U.S. national and state politics and public policymaking since the1990s.   How have conservatives reorganized and gained new leverage over and through the Republican Party?  What are the goals, capabilities, accomplishments, and vulnerabilities of extra-party networks on the right?  As trade unions continue to decline and the Democracy Alliance donor consortium attempts to infuse new resources and purpose into center-left alliances, how have forces and alliances shifted in and around the Democratic Party?   The project is led by a team consisting of Professor Theda Skocpol of the Government Department; Vanessa Williamson of the Brookings Institution; Alex Hertel-Fernandez, PhD candidate in Government and Social Policy; and Jason Sclar, graduate student in Government.  The Shifting Terrain team is looking for several research assistants to work during and possibly after the summer of 2015.  Hours, duties, and pay can be arranged as appropriate for each person’s skills and interests.   Assignments might include:

  • Coding chronological data sets about key organizations from printed sources and web archives.


  • Reviewing literature on Latino electoral participation and assembling data on organizations engaged in targeted Latino voter mobilization.


  • Assembling media and data for in-depth case studies of recent policy and political conflicts in the Kansas, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.


  • Collecting and coding information on key wealthy politics donors operating through organized consortia.


  • Mapping U.S. state-level and chronological data in innovative ways


  • Doing field work observations at national political meetings.



Call for Papers

Columbia University’s Journal of Politics and Society is currently accepting student papers for publication in our Spring 2016 Journal, and we request your help in passing on our call for papers to your undergraduate students. The Journal has consistently published multiple papers by your students in the past few years, and we would like your assistance in continuing to discover and print high quality work.

We are an academic journal of the social sciences and history, distributed nationally among academics on EBSCO, Google Scholar, and the Library of Congress. The Journal features exclusively undergraduate work on political and social issues. We are seeking outstanding student research papers from seminars, upper-level electives, independent study and thesis programs.

If you believe your students have produced work that would be suitable for the Journal, it would be greatly appreciated if you would let them know about our call for papers (typically between 20 and 50 pages, although all submissions will be considered). Please feel free to share this information with your current students as well as those with whom you have worked in the past.

The deadline for student paper submissions is August 15th, 2015. To download a Call for Papers PDF, please visit: http://www.helvidius.org/submit/.

If you care to learn more about our organization or to view past editions of the Journal, please visit www.helvidius.org.



Summer Internship with Opportunity@Work


A fast-growing civic enterprise start up in Washington DC is looking for an intern who will assist in building the capacity and effectiveness of the organization and its mission. This is a paid internship ($1520 per month) beginning ASAP through the summer (dates flexible). Please see the attached flyer for more details, and send this along to anyone you think would be interested.


Based at New America in Washington DC, Opportunity@Work is a civic enterprise whose mission is to re-wire the U.S. labor market to enable more Americans to achieve upward mobility in the job market and workplace, to facilitate actions by U.S. employers to develop the talent they collectively need to succeed and grow, and to scale up innovations that unlock more fully all people’s potential for higher-value, meaningful work - as a source of economic opportunity and national competitive advantage. 


Some familiarity with public policy and initiatives surrounding higher education or diversity in the technology sector would be advantageous, but is not required. If interested, please send a resume (including GPA) and a brief cover letter to michael@opportunityatwork.org.


FACES Conference 2015-16 - Application is NOW OPEN!


It can start with a handshake. It can start with a raised glass. It can start with a game of ping pong or with a stroll down a garden path.

This year, it starts with forty extraordinary student delegates, twenty from China and twenty from the United States. It starts with two weeks, one at Stanford in the fall and one in China in the spring, that bring them together on common ground -- with debates and discussions, and the friendships forged in the midst of them. It starts with engagement between the leaders of tomorrow and the leaders, thinkers, and innovators who have shaped the world they will inherit. It starts with this one unique conference, that for over fourteen years has given rise to a powerful community of more than 800 alumni, who remain unified by shared memories of the past and shared visions of the future, even as they span and shape the globe.

So roll up your sleeves. This year, the Forum for American/Chinese Exchange at Stanford is hosting our 15th Annual Conference -- and this time, it starts with you.

Click this text or the banner below to learn more. Applications due June 20, 2015.



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